A cost effective option for building new walls!

Metal Stud Systems and metal partitioning are often used to create a framework on which the plasterboard is attached.

The great thing about using metal partitions when plastering is that it is so much faster than other methods of installation. It is also a cheap, cost effective option as using metal stud partitions is a cheaper option than other methods such as using timber battens. So contact Next Level Plastering, the best metal partitioning in Leeds.

Next Level Plastering


Many clients are naturally and understandably concerned about the fire safety and soundproofing of their properties.

Builders love to use metal partitions as they offer defence against both, putting property owners at ease. This is a particularly thoughtful feature as these are used in blocks of apartments and offices, where buildings are highly congested and sound pollution and risk of fire are a big problem.

"Metal Stud Partitioning is a cheaper and more cost effective way of building new walls, compared to old wood stud partitioning."

This is why Next level Metal Stud Partitioning is Yorkshire’s finest Skimming company.

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Next Level Plastering is number one in Yorkshire at installing MF ceilings. So you can trust that they will install all ceilings to an excellent high quality standard; from assembly to finish.